About Katy Duhigg


Katy Duhigg, former Albuquerque City Clerk and election-protection and consumer-protection attorney, is running for New Mexico Senate District 10 in the 2020 Election. SD10 encompasses portions of Albuquerque’s Westside in the Paseo del Norte and Coors corridor, Los Ranchos de Albuquerque from Montano north, and a portion of Rio Rancho.

Katy is running for the State Senate, because she believes that New Mexico is at a tipping point. She knows that we need new approaches to reduce crime, grow our economy, lift up our communities and families, and develop paths for our children to build careers and raise their families right here at home. 



Katy was born and raised in Senate District 10. Her father, John, was a local attorney and small business owner for over 60 years. Her mother, Doris, was also an attorney, first at the Department of Labor and later as an Assistant City Attorney in Albuquerque. Katy is the youngest of ten children. Her brother, Charles Duhigg, is a Pulitzer-prize winning author in New York, but most of the Duhigg family has stayed in New Mexico, serving as local attorneys, doctors, physician assistants, and nurses. Her son, Jack, is a student in Albuquerque Public Schools.


Katy earned her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Oregon, and then spent two years working for non-profits on the East Coast before returning to New Mexico to attend the University of New Mexico School of Law. After law school, she served as the Election Protection Coordinator for Common Cause New Mexico, a nonpartisan, grassroots organization dedicated to fair elections, where she organized New Mexico’s first state-wide nonpartisan election protection program in 2008. She went on to be a New Mexico House of Representatives Judiciary Committee Analyst, providing nonpartisan legal analysis to committee members before establishing The Duhigg Law Firm.


Partnering with her father, she spent nearly a decade fighting for New Mexicans as the Managing Partner of The Duhigg Law Firm. Katy specialized in cases against multi-national companies, representing Davids against Goliaths like Wells Fargo, private prisons, and insurance companies. As a small business owner, she also saw up close how critical small businesses are to our economy.

In August 2018, Katy was appointed as Albuquerque City Clerk by Mayor Tim Keller. During her time as Clerk, she oversaw the 2019 Local Election for the City, and served as the city’s chief records custodian. She hit the ground running after her appointment, revamping the City’s Election Code and passing public financing reforms that were approved by 57.87% of voters. Katy’s efforts also included reforming the City’s Code of Ethics to take politics out of appointments to the Board of Ethics, set clear guidelines regarding campaign ethics, and increase disclosure requirements for elected officials.


Katy is the former vice president of Common Cause New Mexico, a nonpartisan, grassroots organization dedicated to fair elections. She was also a member of the Bernalillo County Code of Conduct Review Board and the Bernalillo County Valuation Protest Board. Katy has also served as a governance council member and executive board secretary with the RFK Charter School. Katy was recognized by Common Cause New Mexico in 2018 with a “Special Board Recognition Award” for her work on fair elections at its Best in Government Awards Annual Luncheon.


Katy would be honored to fight for New Mexicans in the State Senate, and humbly asks for your support. The Primary Election will be held June 2, 2020. The General Election will be held November 3, 2020.